Crazy life and Crazy SALE.

I know it has been a very long time since I have posted anything here. With the holidays approaching, my life has gotten very hectic. I did my "spring" cleaning now instead of next year. All of my closets are emptied out and the extra junk is gone. I feel better about having my family all here with no extra mess of my own on top of the suitcases and blow up beds. :D Of course with all of that means no new designs or the promised FB freebie. To tide you over while I finish those up, I decided to have a sale. For those on my side of the world, it is still 12.12.12. In honor of this very fun date, I have decided to offer my store for $12. That is an insane savings. My store totals to nearly $100 and you will be getting all of it for nearly nothing. Grab it while you can though because tomorrow morning it will be gone. Photobucket